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WELCOME to my homepage, where you'll find a great deal of the art that I see fit to publish here.  

Have a look around, and see what's happening in my world.  Thanks for coming by!


2019 was a great year!  Thanks to all of you who kept me steadily tattooing with great projects.  

In the fall I got to bring my brother Loren into the tattoo/art world as my "apprentice" which is something I've wanted for a long time.  Those that follow my journey will see plenty of his work as we create more and more. (IG: @orlistercrowley)

In October I took the month off to realize a dream of finally working with Ray Villafane, one of my art heroes. (www.villafanestudios.com) I learned so much more about the art of pumpkin sculpting and I think I made a good impression on the team - hope they have me back for more!

2020 is going to feel my heat, the fire's lit under me!


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